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Wet weather field closure process

Wet weather field closure process


The following outlines the wet weather field closure process for Northern Beaches Council for Winter 2017:

1. Web page updates

The status of each field during wet weather will be listed on the Northern Beaches web page at.


his page provides a link to the sportsfield status for each of the former councils.

2. Phone line updates

The previous wet weather phones lines will remain operational until further notice

  • Manly area – Wet weather line: 02 99761699
  • Warringah area – Wet weather line: There is no phone line, please refer to the web page.
  • Pittwater area – Wet weather line: 02 99701236

3. Field inspections and updates

Field inspections will be undertaken as conditions dictate. The fields will be inspected each day including weekends and any closures will be communicated via the wet weather line and web page.

If a field is closed it is not able to be used until the status of the field is changed to open.

The wet weather lines and web page will be updated on weekdays by 8am and again by 3pm should conditions change. The field status will be updated by 7am on weekend mornings when relevant.

Please do not ring Council prior to these times.

4. Higher impact and lower impact sports

The wet weather status may note that the fields are closed for use by higher impact sports but open for lower impact sports. The following indicates which sports are considered to have higher or lower impact on the field surface during wet weather:

Higher impact sports

  • AFL
  • Hockey
  • Rugby 
  • Rugby League 
  • Soccer 
  • Touch/ Oz tag 
  • Ultimate Frisbee 
  • Gridiron

Lower impact sports

  • Archery 
  • Athletics 
  • Baseball 
  • Cricket 
  • Softball 
  • Netball

If a field is closed and use for lower impact sports is not specifically noted then the field is closed to all sports.

5. Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to the use of the fields:

  • A wet weather status will be made for all fields and is expected to be adhered to by all sporting groups. The exception to this is where a lease or licence applies; such fields will be managed as per the agreement with that group. These fields include Brookvale Oval, Manly Oval and Pittwater Rugby Park.
  • It is the responsibility of the Sporting Associations and Clubs to communicate the Northern Beaches wet weather process to their members. It is recommended that the phone line and web links be placed on sporting groups web pages for easy access.
  • Groups who use a field while it is closed may be liable for the cost of any damage caused to the field surface and use of a closed field may also jeopardise future use of a sportsfield.
  • Any issues with the wet weather lines, web pages or the process can be directed to http://www.warringah.nsw.gov.au/your-council/contact-us/enquiry-form