Judiciary Procedure

Executive Director to explain player’s rights

  1. Introduce panel members
  2. Read the charge (from the referee’s charge sheet form)
  3. Ask the accused if they understand the charge
  4. Ascertain if they have had sufficient time to prepare their case
  5. Ask player how he pleads to the charge.
  6. Ask the referee for his version (look at his report)
  7. If player pleads not guilty:
    • read player’s evidence
    • ask him to expand on his evidence
  8. Invite player or his advocate to question referee
  9. Invite panel members to ask questions.
  10. Witness may now be called
    • touch judge is invited to give evidence
  11. Ascertain if there is any video evidence.
  12. Ask if there is any video evidence
  13. If no further evidence, player and other officials are asked to leave while panel reviews evidence.
  14. All are asked to return – decision given
  15. If found guilty, player asked if he would like to give character reference – a run down on his playing record etc.
  16. All again asked to leave – panel discusses penalty
  17. Player returns for verdict
  18. Player advised of his right of appeal.