Home Safeplay Code For Junior Rugby League CODE OF CONDUCT – PARENT/SPECTATOR


You are reminded that the purpose of this code is to provide an enjoyable and safe sporting environment where your child is able to gain personal fulfilment and satisfaction through friendly competition.

All parents/supervisors should:

  • Support their child and team in a positive manner.
  • Never let match disappointment cause a loss of control.
  • Never use abusive language with your team, the opposition or supporters.
  • Never sledge the referee, players or supporters.
  • Realise that we dont need to blame anyone for a defeat.
  • Realise that the most important part of playing Rugby League is for development, both physical and in character, of your child.
  • Be positive with your child after a match, Win, Lose or Draw.
  • Encourage your child to aviod illegal/foul play and display Good Sportmanship.
  • Realise that violent comments and sideline behaviour can lead to violence on the field.


Breaching of this code of conduct may result in:

  1. You being approached by a league official.
  2. You being asked to leave the ground.
  3. Police may be called.
  4. Your child may be excluded from playing Rugby League.