You are reminded that the purpose of this code is to provide your players with an enjoyable and safe sporting environment, where they are able to develop as players, gaining personal fulfilment and satisfaction through friendly competition.

As a coach you should:

  • SET a good example for your players.
  • BE POSITIVE – Avoid criticism or ridicule of your players.
  • ACTIVELY DISCOURAGE foul play, sledging or any unsportman like behaviour by your players.
  • REMOVE from the field any player/s whose behaviour is not acceptable.
  • Never let match disappointment cause a loss of control.
    Realise that violent comments and sideline behaviour can lead to violence on the field.
  • TEACH your players that an honest effort is as important as a win.
  • DEVELOP team respect for your opponents ability.
  • AVOID OVER USE of talented players.
  • KEEP your own knowledge of coaching and training methods up to date.


Breaching of this code of conduct may result in:

  1. Having to appear before the Coaching Discipline Council.
  2. Being put on notice (warning).
  3. Being given a suspended sentence.
  4. Having your Coaching Accreditation suspended.