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Hard work, Steady Growth and Brookvale Oval

A feature of the Narraweena club is its strong community involvement. In 1960, members donated their time during the off season to help with the administration and maintenance work at the Dee Why Swimming Club at Dee Why Beach. Members helped with the develpoment of Stoney Range Nature Reserve. Stalls and sporting events for the family were held at the community days at Beverley Job Park with proceeds going to local sporting organisations.

Warringah Shire Councillor, Beverley Job, was elected the club’s first patron in gratitude for her efforts to improve the local sports area, which was previously waste area with a creek running through it. The Beverley Job Oval, home of the Hawks, is named after her.

Fortunately for Narraweena, the club has always been served by reliable and hardworking members. Many volunteered their time as committee members and team officials over many years, overseeing the running of the club. This work extended to distinguished service of the Manly Warringah Junior Rugby League. In 1958, the Ladies Auxiliary was formed. At the time, women were not permitted to be full members of the club. The Auxiliary raised funds for the club, assisted with administrative duties and organised social events. The Auxiliary was disbanded in the 1980s when women became full members.

In 1963, a small canteen was run by the Narraweena Club at Brookvale Oval to supply refreshments to patrons attending Manly’s home games, as well as junior games. From this small beginning, Narraweena was granted the canteen rights at the oval. The club, with their voluntary workers, continued to supply a canteen service to Brookvale Oval patrons up until 1990 when the catering was taken over by P & O. The revenue raised in those years was shared between Narraweena and the Manly Warringah Junior League. The hard work of all those Narraweena volunteers directly contributed to the construction of the clubs’ fantastic clubhouse.